Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Amazing Miss Arrowette

I wrote recently about the end of the Green Arrow feature in World's Finest. One of the tragedies in GA's demise was that a budding recurring character named Miss Arrowette went down the drain with him.

Miss Arrowette first appeared in World's Finest #113, November 1960. Bonnie King is crowned Miss Arrowette due to her proficiency with the bow. She hopes to help Green Arrow in his fight against crime, and indeed she succeeds at first. Typically for the time, DC gave her a more feminine approach to arrows:

And typically, she must screw up at some point, revealing that she's NOT QUITE READY.

Kind of a metaphor for women in the early 1960s, although their time was coming. But she also shows pluck and smarts:

And quite a set of, um, arrows, that's what I was thinking of:

Art by the wonderful Lee Elias. Predictably the man (GA) decided that the woman (Miss A) was not ready for crimefighting and equally predictably the woman agreed. But the story held out hope for another adventure with Miss Arrowette, with Green Arrow remarking: "I can't help wondering, Speedy, if we've seen the last of this girl archer!"

Fortunately for this post, they had not. World's Finest #118 featured The Return of Miss Arrowette with more tricks:

Unfortunately, she misread the situation and caused trouble for the Emerald Archer:

Note that in this story only, Bonnie is a blonde; in the other two she's a redhead.

She made her final appearance in World's Finest #134, June 1963. This time she shows some powers of deduction:

But we don't see much in the way of new arrows from her. A mascara arrow performs the function of leaving a trail that the hair dye arrow did in the original story.

There were only three more Green Arrow stories left, so Miss Arrowette did not reappear (according to the GCD) for another 30+ years.

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