Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Quality Comics Blogging Elsewhere

The Beat Down has an excellent post on Valiant Comics and Jim Shooter, who famously got his start in the Silver Age as a young teen writing Legion of Superheroes stories.

I don't direct your attention often enough to the Simon and Kirby Museum, but if you're a fan of that famed duo, you really should get used to surfing over there. Check out this post on the Fighting American, S&K's 1954 knockoff of their famed Captain America.

Mark Engblom's Comic Coverage does get linked a lot from here, mainly because I find his blog so much fun. He's got an amusing look at a 1967 encounter between Thor and a bunch of his fellow long-hairs.

The Fortress Keeper has a look at one of the odder characters of the Silver Age. Wander was an alien from space who came to Earth during the days of the Old West. As I said in the comments on that post, I think the FK is a little unfair to Denny O'Neill, but it's an interesting topic and worth discussing.

John Glenn Taylor has 66 panels of forgotten funny animals. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about DC's funny animal line, but I have to admit, he came up with dozens that I had never heard about.

Hooray for Wally Wood has a look at Wood's art for the mid-1960s anti-war war comic, Blazing Combat.

Update: Also check out Ol' Groove's new 80's comics blog (What? There were comics in the 1980s?) called Blinded Me with Comics.