Monday, May 04, 2009

Giant Green Ring Things, Part II

We've already hit the Showcase appearances, so now it's time to talk about GL's own magazine. In GL #1 we start out with giant ice tongs:

It's clearly a giant green ring thing; I'll give it three star sapphires out of a possible five. I assume most of my readers are old enough to remember these items although they were on their way out. Back before the refrigerator, every home had an icebox, an insulated container for perishable foods. The iceman would make regular deliveries of large cubes of ice, and ice-tongs were how he carried them.

Green ring thing #10 is:

Umm, I guess that's supposed to be a giant fist, but it's clearly missing a finger. One star sapphire. Correction: As pointed out by Booksteve in the comments, it's a hand, not a fist and the hand is grabbing the crook by the collar between the thumb and (hidden) index finger.

Green ring thing #11 is a giant lock wrench:

It's how GL defuses the menace shown on the cover of issue #1 and thus I award it the full five star sapphires.

In GL #2 we get the first human green ring thing:

Is it giant or not though? The text describes it as huge bulk, but it does not look significantly larger than a normal football player and thus does not qualify.

Green ring thing #13 is a sledgehammer:

But it is not giant, unlike #14

The Giant Green Umbrella only gets two star sapphires out of five as it is not used to combat a menace but to keep people from getting wet.

A Giant Green Chiller Diller Menace to get Green Lantern out of listening to a proposal from Carol? That rings the bell: five star sapphires!

That takes us through the first three issues of GL's solo title. Running tally so far:

Giant Green Net: 1
Giant Green Bird: 1
Giant Green Springs: 1
Giant Green Test Tube: 1
Giant Green Ice Tongs: 1
Giant Green Fist: 1
Giant Lock Wrench: 1
Giant Green Umbrella: 1
Giant Green Chiller Diller Menace: 1

So far, still no Giant Green Boxing Glove!