Monday, November 23, 2009

Flash #133

Strangest feeling, you say? You might look down at your feet and notice that you are being turned into a puppet!

As the story begins a very successful governor is finishing out his term, but he has one last thing to do. Under the influence of a beam from the prison created by Abra Kadabra, the governor pardons the malevolent magician. But surprisingly, Abra's intentions are not to resume his life of crime:

And how does he achieve his desire of fame and fortune? By putting on a puppet show that becomes all the rage. Iris drags Barry along:

And Barry is not pleased when he sees the act:

So Barry decides that the way to protect his reputation is to wage a one-man war against crime:

And before long, Abra Kadabra's former boffo show is bombing:

And in retaliation, Kadabra turns Flash into a puppet, as shown on the cover. Worse still, he incorporates the real Scarlet Speedster into his act, to complete the humiliation:

But Abra made one critical error; while he turned the rest of the Flash into wood, he left his brain intact. So Barry uses his control over his brain to send "spare" molecules down into the rest of his body, filling out enough so that he can actually walk under his own power. He gets revenge on Captain Creampuff and then decks Abra Kadabra. But how can he restore himself to normal? Simple, just reverse the polarity:

Comments: A pretty wacky tale, although as usual the Infantino and Giella artwork makes up for the weakness of the script.

The backup story in this issue is the terrific Secret of the Handicapped Boys, which I reviewed awhile ago.