Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogroll Roundup

Jacque Nodell has an interesting post on the way DC started marketing their female superheroes in their romance magazines. I heartily agree with this comment:
Like I mentioned earlier, one of the exciting parts of learning about a topic in-depth is all the nuanced pieces of information that seem to pop up as time goes on.

Yep. I started this blog partly because I felt I knew a lot about the subject. But as time has gone one, I've been learning a great deal about Silver Age Comics, probably more than twice the knowledge I had when I started.

Mykal Banta reprints a whole "War that Time Forgot" story from Star Spangled War Stories, circa 1963. White King Kong versus the dinosaurs versus a PT boat! How can you go wrong?

Illegal aliens taking jobs from Americans? Aaron points out that it has a long tradition in the comics world.

Hooray for Wally Wood has a post on Wood's last two pages of comic book art. Terrific stuff from one of the masters of the genre.

Superman Fan looks at what happened when teenager Clark Kent got fed up with concealing his real identity and decided to let the world know that he was Superboy.
That night, Clark is off to the big school dance, where he ditches Lana to dance with five other girls at the same time (through super-speed). Lana sobs, “I guess Clark will never forgive me for not showing more interest in him before he revealed himself to be Superboy!”

Meanwhile, Commander Benson has a long post where he disses Lois Lane.
She claimed to be in love with Superman, yet what did she spend at least half of her waking hours doing? Attempting to ferret out his secret identity---his most private, most closely guarded secret.

Fair enough, but whom do some of his commenters suggest as an alternate mate for him? Lana Lang! Now Lana did calm down as an adult, but in her teens Lana spent far more time on trying to learn Superboy's secret identity than Lois ever did.


Mykal Banta said...

Pat: Thanks for noticing, my friend!

Anonymous said...

The Commander Benson link is missing. Besides that technicality, excellent round up.

Pat said...

Fixed, thanks Anonymous!

Jacque Nodell said...

Thank you, Pat!!!

Commander Benson said...

Much obliged for the mention, Pat. I plan on returning the favour right after I finish my two-parter on the Doom Patrol.