Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Around the Comicsphere

Commander Benson has a terrific trivia challenge for Silver Age fans. Off the top of my head I can get four answers out of ten (1,6,9 and 10) and have a pretty good guess at 4 and 5. I'd know where to look to find the answers to 2,4 and 8. Only #3 has me currently baffled; might want to bone up on my World's Finest issues. Great job; as the Commander notes, coming up with challenging questions is a chore in the age of Google.

Booksteve has a post covering all the Craig Yoe books for this year, which is quite a prodigious output. Great for last-minute holiday shopping for your comic fan friends and relatives!

Blog into Mystery covers the time that Supergirl got Jimmy Olsen fired in a version of Standard DC plot #6b: Someone looks into future, learns that someone else will die, and does amazingly convoluted things to try to prevent it. I can think of four other examples of this plot, including the famous story where Lightning Lad first died.

Over at Nothing But Batman I have a pretty long look at the romance between Batwoman and Batman during the Silver Age.

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