Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fresh Links

The Silver Age Sage reviews one of my favorite stories, the Night of the Reaper from Batman #237. I will never forget this sequence, the greatest page turn ever. Robin is investigating the murder of a man dressed up as Batman when something startles him:

And when we turn to the next page:

Now that, my friends, is why Neal Adams is a legend.

I've read almost all the monthly Silver Age Marvel comics, but for some reason I haven't read a lot of the annuals that Marvel produced during that era. Steve Does Comics reviews FF Annual #5 (which I have not read), while Commander Benson tackles Avengers Annual #2 (ditto). From their reviews, I'd guess that I should read the latter first.

Jacque Nodell covers a 1950s Charlton romance featuring a black "Mammy" character, and points out that DC rehashed that stereotype in the 1970s.

Newsarama covers the various costumes that Wally West (aka Kid Flash) has worn during his long career.

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Allan said...

Avengers Annual #2 is one of my all-time favourites. The old vs the new -- what's not to love? I first read it in a UK Marvel comic back in the 70s, and that cover gives me a nostalgic thrill to this day.