Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Trivia Quiz #43: Marvel

1. If you wanted to travel from Asgard to Earth, in what direction do you need to go?

2. What non-mutant villain had his powers from childhood?

3. Excluding Uncle Ben, who were the first two non-villains to die in Amazing Spiderman?

4. Who was the Invincible Man?

5. What villain was responsible for the death of Mike Murdock?


Phil said...

Here's my stab at the answers:

1) I'm assuming down. Thor's spinning of the hammer seemed to suggest this, but since Asgard is in a different dimension, who really knows. I'm guessing that because we could always see the stars when he appeared on the rainbow bridge that Asgard was above us. This seemed to be the case when the Avengers went to Asgard back in the first Avengers series #100.

2) Could be anyone. However, since we have to exclude Mr. Mxyzptlk (not a Marvel character),and since the "mutant" portion of the question implies that this occurred in an X-Man comic, I'll say The Mimic, who got his powers accidently as a kid.

3) Fredrick Fosswell (he was a reformed villain, so he's gotta count) and then Gwen Stacy. The killing of supporting characters in Spider-Man's early days was considered a major, major event.

4) Ohhh...trick question. If we use the first appearance of the Invincible Man from Fantastic Four 32, it was supposably Franklin Storm (Sue and Johnny's father), but it was really the Super Skrull. Considerably later (in the 70s), with the reappearance of the Invincible Man, it was a hypontized Reed Richards.
5) Another trick question. If we want to be technical about it, Daredevil was fighting the Unholy 3and the Executioner. But it was really Matt Murdock who "killed" Mike Murdock, since Mike was a fake alias for Matt and was causing all sorts of problems for him.

Pat said...

Phil, full credit for #4 and #5. Foswell is half of the answer for #3, but there were at least two other non-villains to die in ASM before Gwen.

Phil said...

What was I thinking? Gwen's father (George Stacy) died in Spider-man 91. Can't think of the other one though...Duhhhhh...

Forine said...

If Fedrick Fosswell wins for half of #3, the other one has got to be Betty Brant's brother, who was killed by Blackie Drago soon after the Spiderman comics hit double digits

I can't go for 4 and 5, as those were already answered, but for # 1, I'm definitely going with south (not as in down, but as in the direction on the compass rose).

I'm going to cheat for #2, and go on a technicality with Dormammu, who was once 'born' and was temporarily in an infant state tantamount to childhood. I don't really think this would still count though. Plus, I really did cheat; while I own the comic for #3 (in a collection), I have no comics featuring Dormammu- I looked him up online to check.

However, there are two other villains who I remember comics actually portraying them as children with their powers. One, the Mindworm (Madness is the Mindworm (Or Mysterio)) had his powers since he was a baby, but is almost definitely
a mutant. The other, the Taskmaster may not be a mutant; he was diagnosed with "eidetic muscle memory".

Since I suspect you can only accept one answer, I'm going with the Taskmaster. Since Dormammu's powers are specific to his 'species', it would mean that any and all Skrulls would work as an answer, and I feel guilty about having to research anyway.

Anonymous said...

#2 simply has to be the infant from Fantastic Four #24