Friday, September 23, 2011

Matt Murdock's Other Great Idea

I've talked in the past about his silly notion of convincing Foggy and Karen that his hitherto-unseen brother Mike was actually Daredevil.  That was ludicrous enough (although reasonably entertaining), but things got really bizarre when he came up with an even wilder idea of how to protect his secret identity:

See, he fakes a pilot's license and hires a plane, and then blows it up:

Resulting in this headline:

So now DD's problems are over.

Well, except for one thing; Matt Murdock's cane which doubles as Daredevil's billy club, is at the office. So he heads over there, but:

Despite his understanding, he follows her home and steals the cane.  No, I am not kidding:

Okay, so at least he feels guilty about it, eh?

Now remember, Matt's not just a lawyer; he's supposed to be one of the best in the business.  And what is it lawyers are supposed to be good at?  Figuring out all the ramifications of a possible decision, right?  I mean, that's why we hire them to look over our contracts, and why our contracts get more and more detailed over time.

But Matt hasn't thought this idea through.  It's not half-baked--it isn't even defrosted!  For example, there are the little things, like, oh, a place to sleep.  And bigger things, like putting the girl whom he supposedly loves through the agony of believing that he's dead.  And even the idea that he should not have blown up an airplane that didn't belong to him.


TheFlash said...

What issue is this from?

Pat said...

He gets the idea in DD #53, kills off Matt in #54 and the storyline continues to #58 or so.

Booksteve said...

And you didn't even note Karen's remark about this DD NOT being the first. That. of course, was Matt's non-existant twin brother, MIKE Murdock! Another brilliant idea!