Thursday, December 08, 2011

RIP, Jerry Robinson

One of the giants of the Golden Age and the creator of the Joker has passed.

I have a number of posts on Robinson's terrific artwork at Nothing But Batman.  Although Dick Sprang was to me the definitive Batman artist, I actually thought Robinson's lithe, gymnast-like body for the Caped Crusader seemed more realistic.  A great artist, and by all accounts an even better human being.

Update:  More tributes to Jerry Robinson, by Bill Jourdain and Chuck Wells.


Tmdess said...

I interviewed Jerry for a newspaper 20 years ago and he put up with an hour of me asking fanboy questions....he drew me a Batman while I was there. Really nice guy!

joe bloke said...

he was a legend.

hobbyfan said...

To tell you all the truth, my first exposure to Jerry Robinson's work was when he did a Sunday strip for the NY Daily News, Flubs & Fluffs. It wasn't until a got hold of some reprints that I became familiar with his Bat-work. He will be missed.