Saturday, January 14, 2012

Around the Horn

Been awhile since I did a roundup post, so here we go:

Loston Wallace created a terrific picture of the Thing, featuring the other members of the FF and some of their more memorable antagonists.  I wish I had that kind of talent; even my stick figures look bad.

Commander Benson has a post up about how the death of Bucky Barnes was covered in the Silver Age. I read all those stories out of order, so it's nice to see someone put it together chronologically.  I like this observation:
For nearly forty years, despite all the times Marvel had tantalised Captain America and the readers with “Bucky Returns!” plotlines, the true Bucky Barnes had remained really, most sincerely dead.  So certain was this that the comics fanship coined the term Bucky-dead for any character perceived to have been killed off permanently, with no chance of revival.
Blog Into Mystery blogs the wedding of Barry and Iris back in 1966, and points out a very interesting and early Easter Egg on the cover of that  issue that I'm ashamed to admit I missed entirely up until now.

Booksteve covers the Marvel Universe 50 years ago this month.  Of course, back then there were only two comics that really qualify as Marvels, and one of them comes with an asterisk.

A 324-page comic book for Christmas?  And no, it's not one of the Cerebus phonebooks, it's a Golden Age comic featuring Captain Marvel and other Fawcett superheroes.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been keeping up with new comics much. Has the Winter Soldier turned out to be an android or clone yet? If so, can we again use the term "Bucky dead"? Actually, there were some heroes who, AFAIK, stayed dead: Ferro Lad, Menthor, Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett), Nemesis, Manhunter. All were secondary characters and maybe nobody really cared one way or the other if they came back or not.