Monday, July 16, 2012

The Subscription Pics

Probably not terribly interesting, but I remember seeing these pictures and wondering exactly which issues they were from, and so I thought I'd spend a little time figuring it out.  In Metal Men #4, I came across this ad for DC's subscriptions:
It's certainly a good deal; 10 cents an issue (by then the cover price was 12 cents).  I seem to recall that advertisers paid a higher rate for subscriber copies than just regular off-the-rack purchases, and of course DC got all the money instead of splitting it with the retailer.  However, since comics were mostly an impulse purchase, the actual number of subscribers was tiny compared to the overall readership.  In most cases, the subscriptions accounted for less than 1% of sales.

But that's not what I want to talk about today.  Instead, I looked at the little pictures advertizing the individual magazines.  As it happens, I had just read Metal Men #3 (Aug-Sept 1963), so I immediately recognized the panel shown there as coming from that issue:
Jimmy Olsen and Cleopatra?  I looked up Cleopatra's appearances by date at the Grand Comics Database, and found that she had appeared in Jimmy Olsen #71 (September 1963), and sure enough the pic shown above is a part of the splash panel for that story:
So it looks pretty obvious that they were choosing very recent issues for the pictures.  Sure enough, the shot of Green Lantern racing through the museum comes from GL #23 (September 1963):
Superboy using his heat vision on the man he's carrying?  You guessed it, from the September 1963 issue (#107) of his mag:
The Action Comics pic is a teeny bit tricky; it actually comes from the August 1963 issue (#303):
Same thing with the Flash; his action shot comes from #138 (August 1963):
Like I said up top, probably not terribly interesting or important, just something I was curious about.


Tony said...

Wow great research!!

Perry White (Don't call me Chief!) said...

I believe subscription copies were folded in half, so you were getting a damaged comic-book every month or so.

Anonymous said...

I know DC subscription copies were folded, so there was a crease down the front cover. Sometimes it was obvious, sometimes barely noticeable. Maybe collectors complained, because by the 1980s (and maybe earlier), ads were promising that copies would be mailed flat.