Sunday, August 12, 2012

RIP Joe Kubert


Anonymous said...

RIP Joe Kubert. One of the greatest artists of the Silver Age.

Kirk House said...

Joe Kubert was one of the few Golden Agers still active -- Dick Ayers is another, assuming you include the immediate postwar period in the Golden Age. But Joe's greatest contribution was Silver Age and beyond -- most notably Sergeant Rock, Enemy Ace, and other war stories, and later Tarzan. But in a Silver Age community we should also remember that Joe Kubert inked the first Showcase issue of the Flash... long considered the first issue of the Silver Age of Comics.

wordsmith said...

The GCD lists 90-year-old Al Plastino's first signed work as published in the October, 1941 issue of a comic called "The Arrow".
In high school I once mimicked one of Joe's DC "Tarzan" stories to see what I could learn--not much, which I guess helps explain why I never became an artist.