Friday, April 05, 2013

RIP, Carmine Infantino

One of the major talents of the Silver Age has passed.  Some of my favorite covers of his:

Here's a guide that Infantino created for Flash Annual #1:
Infantino called a famous meeting of DC's top brass together in 1968, where he presented them with his versions of several recent DC covers.  The bosses had to admit his takes were better than the originals, and as a result he was given the newly created position of Editorial Director.  A few years later he was promoted to Publisher.

But obviously it was his art that is his legacy.  I don't know where he ranks in terms of total number of comics pages created; I would guess he has to be in the top five, certainly in the top ten. 


Lee said...

Pat, I don't know where Infantino ranks overall, but he is second with 10,384 story pages (covers not included) at DC, to Curt Swan's 18,697.

I suspect Infantino probably did thousands of pages for other companies, especially earlier, and towards the end of his career.

Here are the figures for Marvel artists:

Jack Kirby almost certainly drew over 20,000 story pages, perhaps 25,000. For DC and Marvel alone just under 17,000.

R.I.P., Carmine, one of the all-time greats!

Anonymous said...

Nobody drew super-speed as well as he did. His work on Elongated Man was even cooler.

Tom Barradas said...

Carmine was one of the definitive sixties comic book artists. Sure, there were others far more proficient and technically advanced (Kirby, Romita, Buscema, Kane, etc.), but Carmine's pop style was absolutely right for the time and remains instantly recognizable.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite Infantino covers:

Anonymous said...

This Flash cover has so much movement and detail, yet manages to look uncluttered:

Pat said...

Oh, yeah, I love that Flash #110 cover.

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