Monday, August 12, 2013

One of My Favorite Covers

I may have pointed this one out before but I came across it again, and just was awed:

There's a lot there.  From the tropical plants, we can tell it's in the South Pacific, so he's facing the Japanese.  He's hot and he's very nervous, but check out the lips--grimly determined as well.  Jerry Grandinetti, an artist who doesn't get mentioned a lot, put this gem together.


Anonymous said...

Most comics fans and commentators now are super-hero fans, and other genres, no matter how well done, tend to be ignored. In the 1950s, though, super heroes were relatively unpopular. When DC acquired Quality Comics, the titles they chose to continue were both war/military themed: G.I. Combat and Blackhawk. (And, even in the super hero-dominated Silver and Bronze Ages, DC never had much success reviving the Quality super heroes, like Plastic Man and the Ray.) In fact, G.I. Combat may have had the longest uninterrupted run of any of the former Quality titles.

Pat said...

The war comics were terrific, especially before they started featuring recurring characters. Unfortunately once the recurring characters appeared the stories became very formulaic. That's not to say that they can't be interesting, but you wouldn't want to read 20-straight stories of the Haunted Tank (to use the GI Combat feature as an example) unless somebody had a gun to your head.