Thursday, February 23, 2006

Green Lantern #45

One of my favorite issues of the Silver Age, it featured a team-up of Hal Jordan, the Silver Age GL and his Golden Age counterpart, Alan Ladd (Correction per comment by redmans: the GA GL was Alan Scott. Supposedly the character was going to be named Alan Ladd to evoke Alladin, but the movie star came along and DC renamed the character). Also featured prominently is Doiby Dickles, the GA GL sidekick, and his taxi, Gertrude. In the story, Doiby encounters the lovely Princess Ramia. She is fleeing the evil Prince Peril, who is determined to marry her unless she can find another husband within a short period of time. Doiby recommends first Alan and the Hal to the Princess, but predictably she marries Doiby himself.

One negative of the story was the "stepping outside of the comic" moment shown here:

DC tried many of these bits and I can't think of a single one that brought anything to the plot.

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