Friday, March 07, 2008

Bottoms Up!

One of the odder bits in the Silver Age seemed to be the obsession with spanking.

There were a lot of comics that featured some form of smacking of the rear, frequently with a hair brush. Professor Lang barely remembers in time that his daughter's a little old for a bit of corporal punishment here:

Pa Kent tried a "paddle wheel" on Supertot:

Pa Kent apparently forgot this lesson later:


Ah, but every boy grows up to be a man and must discipline his own son, as Clark does here:

Lois and Lana take (unsuccessful) turns here:

And more:

In all the spanking sequences this is one of the few that actually resulted in pain to the recipient:

Update: Some amusing letters on the topic of spanking:

Note the interesting arguments: She deserves it versus Superman would never hit a woman. Important social lessons being taught there. I'll have to look around for the baby Lois spanking bit.

This letter and the response drew a reply from the North Shore Corporal Punishment Fan Club a few issues later: