Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jimmy Olsen's Ape Girlfriend

DC played lots of tricks on Jimmy Olsen, but this certainly takes the cake:

And on the splash panel for the story it's played for comedy, but there's a disturbing subtext:

It may seem hard to believe the CCA let this stuff through, but this sort of offbeat humor was a staple of country comedy in the USA at the time. We do learn that yes, it is a "bride" for Jimmy, so it's not like this is "unnatural" love, heh. Let me add here that despite the timeframe (late 1966), this does not appear intended racially. It's just an attempt at a normal goofy Jimmy Olsen story placing him in an embarrassing situation, which ends up looking either perverted or racist to us today, but would not have been seen as such at the time.