Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Links

The always-recommended Dial B for Blog has a terrific series on what would have happened if Bazooka Joe had joined up with the Justice League of America.

Both Beaucoup Kevin and Mark Engblom take on the recent announcement that the Superman movie series is going to be rebooted, with a darker take on the character, thanks to the success of Dark Knight.

Most comic fans probably agree that Superman Returns was a mess, but I agree with Kevin and Mark; Superman is not a dark character.

Booksteve has a post dedicated to Lost In Space, the other 1960s Trek through Space show.

The Fortress of Fortitude celebrates the return to continuity of a couple "Batman and the Aliens" stories. Although these stories were largely a plague on Batman prior to the New Look, it is hard to eliminate them completely; after all, the sci-fi elements may mostly have been jettisoned from Batman and Detective, but he still encountered them often in the pages of the Justice League.