Monday, August 04, 2008

Trivia Quiz #3 Answers

1. Name the pair of letterers for Marvel who were frequently the butt of Stan Lee's jokes in the credits section.


Thelonius Nick and Kyle were the first to come up with the pair of names. Let me add here that although Stan only did this for a couple years, reading the Marvel credits during this period was one of the signal delights of the Silver Age of comics. Not only were they funny, they were about the only credits for real creators (as compared to the ubiquitous and phony credits for "Bob Kane" in Batman).

2. Name these Marvel creators by their commonly used adjectival sobriquets: Jazzy, King, Rascally, Smilin', Dazzling.

Reading from left to right, Jazzy Johnny Romita, King Kirby, Rascally Roy Thomas, Smilin' Stan Lee, and Dazzling Don Heck.

TN and Kyle combined to get all five.

3. What sesquipedelian term did Stan frequently use instead of "Inked"?

Stan frequently used more than one ten-dollar word for Inked: Delineated was the one I was thinking of (Scott answered), but Embellished fits as well (TN)

4. What non-creator frequently turned up in Marvel's credits for something unusual?

Irving Forbush (TN). Kryp44 got them all right, but showed up a little late.

Any requests for a topic for this week's quiz?