Monday, September 01, 2008

Trivia Quiz #7 Answers

#1 is from Superman #162, featuring The Amazing Story of Superman Red and Superman Blue. (Note the blue costumes of the kids).

#2 is from Jimmy Olsen #69, featuring Nightwing (Superman) and Flamebird (Jimmy Olsen):

#3 is from Lois Lane #42.

This is one of those unbelievably wacky Lois Lane stories. She has a photo of Superman changing from his normal identity (as yet undeveloped, so she doesn't know it's Clark). Superman implores her to give him the film, but (influenced by a concussion she has sustained) she blackmails him into agreeing to marry her the next day. But Lois sprays herself and Superman with a rejuvenation spray that makes them temporarily underage. Cute idea for a story, but it gets even better. Lois is undeterred, and tries to get a blind Justice of the Peace she knows to marry them. But Superboy cures his blindness. Meanwhile they've regressed further in age, back to pre-teenagers. But:

"This is highly irregular, but..." is the favored plot-hole covering of writers everywhere. But Superboy causes some heavy waves with his breath, making Lois seasick, and she demands to be taken to shore. By this time they have become youngsters of maybe five years old, but she hires a lawyer and the marriage license is issued, and by the time they're ready to walk down the aisle, they can't walk:

Fortunately the tots are unable to say, "I Do," so the story ends before we get to the point where the priest says "I now pronounce you zygote and zygote."

#4 is from Action #303. You can only see a small part of Superman in this picture; his tail (he had been turned into a monster by Red Kryptonite).

#5 is from Action #305, Why Superman Needs A Secret Identity, a cute bit of myth-polishing.

Kudos to Joe Bloke who got #2 and #3 and clearly knew #1 even if he wrote Superman #152 instead of #162. And big props to anonymous, who correctly identified all five covers by story name or issue number. Very impressive!

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