Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Links

Diversions of the Groovy Kind has a terrific post on the problems caused by licensed characters, and how it means some stories may never be reprinted. I highly recommend this blog to those who love the comics of the 1970s; the Groovy Agent's got a wonderful and entertaining writing style, and really knows his stuff.

Superman Fan reviews an interesting Superman tale from the Silver Age that I have to admit not having read myself previously, but it sounds worth reading and chortling over as Aldous does here:

The local cops, their gunfire having no effect, attack the big man with a flame thrower! (We need some cops like this in my neighbourhood.)

The Simon & Kirby Museum takes on several late-1940s crime comics produced by the S&K team. If Kirby is your King, you really need to be reading the S&K museum.

Christine at the Other Murdock Papers has a very amusing post about a brief scene in the subway with Daredevil. It is often these minor bits that stay with us years later, and do a better job of characterization than ten fights with the Kingpin.