Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trivia Quiz #16 Questions (Jeopardy Style)

1. Ace, Prof, Rocky and Red.

Q: Who are the Challengers of the Unknown?

2. The Gloom Room A-Go-Go.

Q. What was the name of the bar owned by the Kingpin where Mary Jane Watson was a dancer? (In ASM #59-60)

3. The Green Goblin and Captain Stacy.

Q. Who were the two people in the Silver Age to discover Spiderman's real identity of Peter Parker?

4. Edward Nigma.

Q. Who was the Riddler?

5. The Super-Adaptoid, Amazo and the Composite Superman.

Q. Who were the three villains who had the respective superpowers of all members of the Avengers, Justice League of America and the Legion of Super Heroes.

Dan got all five correct! Terrific job, Dan, I really thought I'd stump everybody with #2. Thelonius Nick and Michael Rebain scored four of five. Lito S got three; he was close on #5 but the Composite Superman was not an android as I discussed here.