Monday, June 22, 2009

Silver Age Comics Blog Mentioned In Podcast from Heroes Con!

Wow, I was pretty blown away to hear our old buddy Bill Jourdain mention the blog and me by name in a podcasters' panel at Heroes Con. The context was whether Bill would eventually decide to move on to discussing Silver Age Comics, but (no particular surprise) he said no, the Golden Age of Comic Books is his specialty, but that maybe his son might decide to do one on the Silver Age. The questioner asked if there was a Silver Age podcast and Bill said not to his knowledge, but that there was an excellent blog by Pat Curley.


The sequence begins about 23:20 into the podcast that you can find linked at the bottom (under Update) of this post. The rest of the panel is interesting as well, which is why I stumbled on the mention of the blog--I was still listening 23 minutes in. I have listened to a few episodes of Comic Geek Speak, and from the discussion I should listen to more. And I would certainly be remiss if I didn't mention Bill's most recent podcast on Marvel Comics #1 and the 70th Anniversary of the Timely/Atlas/Marvel colossus. If you've never listened to one of Bill's podcasts, they're a terrific half-hour discussion of some of the great comics of the Golden Age, and perfect for your IPOD or MP3 player.

Thanks for the shout out, Bill!

Update: So I decided to download and listen to the Silver Age Batman episode of Comic Geek Speak, and Silver Age Comics got another mention in that episode as well! I'm famous!