Thursday, April 01, 2010

Hot Links

New blog noted: Blog Into Mystery. Not entirely Silver Age, but several of the posts do relate to that era. I like his comparison of the cover to Batman #165 and a mid-1980s Flash issue; I would never have caught the similarities, but it is clearly Infantino using key elements from one of his earlier covers.

Dick Giordano's passing gets tribute from Gorilla Daze. Giordano came to DC in the late 1960s and took editorship of several titles, including Teen Titans and Aquaman, among others. Giordano was at least partly responsible for bringing some of the younger talent to DC, including Denny O'Neill, Steve Skeates, Jim Aparo and Mike Friedrich. He was a long-standing penciller and (mostly) inker as well for DC. although I confess I don't recognize his work automatically, like I can with many of the other artists.

Booksteve has more on Giordano, particularly relating to Batman:

Dick Giordano drew a unique type of comic book realism. His superhero women were not the supercute, overly busty fanboy favorites. He didn't draw girls--he drew adults. He drew women who looked like women and looked genuinely heroic. He drew city scenes that looked more like real cities than anyone since Will Eisner (with the possible exception of the late Marshall Rogers). He drew a BATMAN who was a sane grown-up who would save me if I needed saving and do so for all the right reasons. He drew MY BATMAN.

Sounds like I need to do a post on Giordano for Nothing But Batman.

Silver Age Gold features a full Jack Davis story called Betsy from Two-Fisted Tales. Brilliant sequential artwork; Davis turns a pretty dull story into a breathtaking adventure.

Jacque Nodell scores an interview with Susan Loeb, an advice columnist for Marvel's romance comics. Is it too much to hope that someday she'll actually locate Marc, on the Man's Side?

Super ITCH has the background story on some sensational Golden Age original artwork featuring Jack Kirby on Captain America. I don't want to think what that first page, with Bucky and Cap in fine form is worth; I'd guess I could almost retire on it.


Blog into Mystery said...

Many thanks for the link and the kind words!

Pat said...

YW, BiM, I am always happy to highlight solid newer blogs.

Jacque Nodell said...

Thanks Pat!!! We can only hope that someday I will find Marc!