Thursday, June 03, 2010

Some Thoughts About the Awards

A number of bloggers have given me the Kreativ Blogger award. I appreciate the honor. However, this award has gotten to be kind of like a chain letter, due to the "award it to 7 other blogs" requirement. Think about it for a second. If somebody gives the award to 7 blogs and they in turn give it to 7 other blogs each, we're up to 49. And if they continue the chain it's up to 343 blogs, and then 2401 blogs.

Obvious problem: I doubt if there are 2401 comics blogs around, and even if there are, there sure aren't 16,807, the next multiple. So the awards tend to circulate around which is why I've gotten four or five at least. I seem to recall even doing the "mention seven personal things about yourself" post here, although I can't locate it right now.

Here's a thought. Maybe it would be better if there were awards on a monthly basis for best single post. Anybody could nominate one single post for the award, and then a panel of regular comics bloggers/readers would read them, and vote on which post was the most deserving of the award for that month.

Thoughts? Volunteers to be part of the panel?


nyrdyv said...

I like your idea much more than the pyramid-ish nature of the KB system. The chaining aspects really dilute the KB to being meaningless.


Steven G. Willis

Jared - Blog into Mystery said...

I agree with your reservations - that's why I merely made a few recommendations of sites I like instead of passing on the full-fledged curse - wait, I mean "honor" - of the Kreativ Blogger stuff. I think it's ok to sort of go through the motions with it once, and then if anyone's kind enough to think of me again, I'll thank them and be done with it. At this point I'm still appreciative of anyone steering eyeballs my way.

As for the monthly post award, it sounds like a nice idea. For some reason the thought of getting opinionated comics bloggers to coordinate their efforts makes me think of the phrase "herding cats." If I can help, please let me know.

james said...

The Defenders Fansite just received a KB award (and a similar award earlier this year).

Instead of listing a string of blogs, I decided to follow suit by highlighting specific sections or post labels that I like about various superhero blogs.

"When I'm the Evil Genius" at Silver Age Comics, of course, made the list.