Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trivia Quiz #39: Batman's Companions

1. What did Dick Grayson and Kathy Kane have in common? (No, not that!)

2. Who was Bat-Boy?

3. Who was Batman Jones?

4. Who was Mr. Marvel?

5. Who was the Eagle?

6. What did Commissioner Gordon like to have every evening? (Golden Age reference).


Darius Smith said...

1. Young orphans?
2. Batman Jones.
3. Bat-Boy.
4. 50's villain.
5. 50's rival hero.
6. Alcohol and tobacco.

Darius Smith said...

2. Bruce Wayne!

Darius Smith said...

3. Child named "Batman" who fought crime in Gotham City. said...

1. They both had been circus performers.

2. Batman when he was turned into a child?

3. ?

4. ?

5. Commissioner Gordaon in disguise?

6. ?

Blaze Morgan said...

1) Both share solid experience and history as circus daredevils and acrobats

2) Midge Merrill, midget circus acrobat and wannabe crimefighter. (I thought you meant "Batman, Junior" when I read this and only found this answer by accident. I feel a bit underhanded about that)


4) An alien posing as a crimefighter, trying to win a bet involving luring Robin away from Batman.

5) Alfred plus temporary superpowers equals a new crimefighter in town!


Ed said...

1) Both acrobats in the circus.

2) Batman Jones... Was he in that story with the other types of "batmen"? One was a cricket player and another was a valet. Was he one of them?

3)BatBoy was Batman when he was somehow turned young and worked with Robin as his partner.

5) The Eagle was Alfred, I think.

6) Gordon liked to smoke his pipe and listen to a mystery show on the radio. (?)

The Strange Sr. Mulder said...

They are Orphans and circus acrobats

BatBoy are the Batman's original sidekick

Batman Jones Are one boy Called Batman By heir parents in honor to Batman for save they life

Mr. Marvel, is a new costumed crime-fighter, who uses futuristic gadgets and rides a sky-car appear in the Batman History The Robin New Boss Feb 1961

Another identity of Alfred Pennyworth

Gordon liked to smoke his pipe