Thursday, September 02, 2010

What Century Is That?

I don't ordinarily highlight simple and obvious mistakes, but this one is rather amusing and unusual. Consider the cover of Jimmy Olsen #31:

Okay, so Jimmy's going to wake up in the year 2058, or about midway through the 21st century, right? Err, no, not according to the splash page:

Okay, so he's going to sleep for five hundred years and wake up in the 25th century or presumably somewhere around 2458. Got that? Nope, not according to the story itself:


J. L. Bell said...

And that was when Superman tumbled to the hoax. "Hey, wait a minute—if I add a hundred years to..."

Snard said...

Somebody oughta fire whoever was responsible for editing that mess ;)

Commander Benson said...

The eerie part for me is the stated year on the cover---A.D. 1958.

While it sounds like it's in the far future, it just occurred to me, I was barely old enough to read that issue when it came out. If I have a superannuated life span---one that some of these "oldest people living" folks have---then there is an outside chance that I could live to see that year! Or at least get real close to it.

Now that's just spooky.

Commander Benson said...

Sorry, I meant to say "the stated year on the cover---A.D. 2058."

I might live that long, but it looks like I'm going to be senile long before I do. Heh.

Aaron Bias said...

Of course Supes coulda just gazed at that wax figure with his X-ray vision and seen it wasn't Jimmy. But then, that would melted the ice AND the wax figure (at least according to the internal "logic" of the X-ray vision of the Silver age where it seems Superman's eyes bombard things with fiery-hot radiation- which means most of his friends probably died of cancer sometime in the mid-70's) spoiling the gag.

Anonymous said...

I'd be 88 in 2058. Damn.