Monday, September 27, 2010

Meanwhile, Elsewhere...

The guys at Comic Geek Speak have continued their look at the history of DC comics with a show on the 1960-1972 period that my readers will probably find highly entertaining; I know I enjoyed it.

Speaking of podcasts, a new one is coming called Alt3red Egos. Their stated goal is to bridge the gap between obsession and observation, and they will have three versions of every podcast to appeal to all levels of comics fans from newbies to geeks.

The Big Blog of Kids' Comics posts a couple of stories from Funny Stuff #72, a bit before the time period covered here. DC's funny animal line is largely forgotten today, and even in the Silver Age about the only remnant left was the terrific Fox and Crow series.

Superman Fan posts a review of Superman #175, a comic I covered here awhile ago.

Commander Benson has a series coming on the tryouts for the Legion of Super Heroes, a topic I have also delved into at some length.

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David said...

Yikes! Didn't realize you'd already covered Superman #175, Pat. Or maybe I did read it and forgot; the old brain cells aren't what they used to be.

Whenever possible, I try not to review issues you've already covered. For one thing, we tend to have similar tastes, so it's kind of redundant. And for another, I'm basically lazy; why go to all that effort when a link will do? :-)

Anyway, thanks for the plug and it's reassuring to know we're in sync on this one, too.