Saturday, October 29, 2011

Silver Age Trivia Video

Mark Waid versus some fans from a 2005 convention:

What strikes me is how many of these have been answered here.

Bob Hope's landlady?

Villain who escaped from Doiby Dickle's taxi?

Lois Lane's parents?

If in Battle I Fail? (Quizmaster misstates the title as If in Battle I Fall).

Little old gooey monster me wants Wonder Girl mine to be?  Can't find it now, but I know I highlighted this cover a long time ago.

There are six parts of the video quiz in total, you can see the rest of the show by clicking here.

Incidentally, at least one of the answers in one of the parts was completely wrong; when asked who the Green Lanterns were freeing in JLA #21, the quizmaster (Craig Shutt, thanks to commenter Jonathan L. Miller) said no, it was not the two Flashes, it was the two Atoms:
And the question about the villain the JSA helped the two Flashes to defeat which lead to the reforming of the Society is mistaken; in fact the two Flashes only freed the JSA members at the very end, when Vandal Savage had already been effectively beaten.

Still and all, a terrific bit of entertainment, and as I have made errors in my own quizzes, I'm in no position to criticize.


Jonathan L. Miller said...

The Quizmaster is Craig Shutt, aka "Mr. Silver Age." These Pro vs. Fan contests have been running for years (I used to read the reports on Usenet back in the '90s). Normally, there's a panel of pros vs. a panel of fans; that year, it was just the trivia master Mark Waid alone against the fans. (If I recall from reading Michael Grabois' blog at the time, Waid barely won.)

Anonymous said...

Concerning Justice League covers, issue #21 is one of the very few covers that Flash did not appear on: