Saturday, October 08, 2011

Trivia Quiz #44: Answers

There were clues in each quote as to the speaker.

1. "I've found it!  The legendary city of Caramanga!"

Adam Strange was an archaeologist.

2. "Well, here goes experiment #145!"

Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, was having problems with his experiments in shrinking things; every time he did it the object would explode.

3. "Lead never hurt a wooden leg!"

Captain Storm had a wooden leg.

4. "It is the first time I have found it necessary to give the signal!"

Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic, used a signal to summon the rest of the Fantastic Four:

5. "Huh?  What?  Go 'way! I wanna sleep!  Lemme be!"

The Sub-Mariner (Silver Age version)  was a bum living in a shelter when the Human Torch discovered him.

Scipio got 1 and 3 correct.  Jim got 1, 2 and 3.  Joplin John correctly identified the source of the quote for #4.  Lou Mougin ran the table, getting all five speakers.  Boosterrific got #5.  Ed picked up #3.  Mr Miller got 1, 3, 4 and 5, while Michael Rebain correctly answered #1 and #3.

Boosterrific makes a good point about the continuity between the Golden Age Sub-Mariner and the Silver Age version:
But that's not really the first published words of the character, is it? I mean, Johnny Storm was reading a comic book about the Sub-Mariner on the preceding page where it is implied that the Sub-Mariner character is the same as existed in the Golden Age. So wouldn't his "first words" be in 1939's MOTION PICTURES FUNNIES? (Granted, this is a blog about the Silver Age, and those are inarguably Namor's first Silver Age words, but still, you did say "the first words of the character." I'm not intentionally trolling, honest.)
 Mort Weisinger would respond with some pun.  I'll just acknowledge the "boo-boo".

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