Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mort Weisinger's Idea of Funny

What the? From Superboy #72 (April 1959):

Why would he put that postscript in there?  He had to know that there were plenty of Superboy readers who were still at the age where they believed in Santa.  It's hard to come up with a reason other than the obvious; that Weisinger was a first class jerk.


Anonymous said...

DC writer Alvin Schwartz once described Jack Schiff as "intelligent, kind, fair, and literate-a combination that Mort Weisinger was thoroughly lacking."

Pat said...

In fairness, I would certainly say that Weisinger was intelligent and literate. But by most accounts a terrible human being.

Al Bigley said...

One of the things I (along with my comic collecting pals) love, is to read the jerky (and sometimes downright angry) letter page comments from this period!

A bit later, once older fans start to take over, circa the late 60s, you can almost HEAR the resentment!

"Can't you college guys stop reading comics and asking questions about continuity and errors and artists, and creator credit, and let the 5-year olds back in?"

Al Bigley