Friday, February 27, 2009

Trivia Quiz #20: Grab-Bag DC

1. (Easy) True or False: Bruce Wayne was a star athlete in his college days.

2. (Moderate) Within 2 years, how old was Lois Lane supposed to be in the comics when Lois Lane #1 debuted?

3. (Tough) Name two Superman villains in the Silver Age of comics who obtained their power from green kryptonite.

4. (Really Tough) What woman did Batman rename the Batplane after?

5. (Tough For Some) During the Adventure Comics run of the Legion of Superheroes, what two LSH members were cross-dressers?

The last one may seem impossibly hard, but it was discussed yesterday in one of the blogs on the sidebar (and I'll give full credit in the answer post). Remember that my quizzes are based on the Silver Age, and in the Silver Age, nobody had ever heard of retcons.