Thursday, July 02, 2009

Giant Green Ring Things, Part V

Picking up with issue ten, we see the fairly common Green Ring Thing Net:

But this one doesn't qualify as giant. Nor does Green Ring Thing #38, a pair of handcuffs:

GRT #39 qualifies as giant:

But Giant Green Hands are pretty much a dime a dozen, and this one is uninspired, so we'll only give it one Star Sapphire.

We've seen GL use his ring to create springs before, but GRT #41 is a "bed of springs":

Unfortunately, not giant.

I'm not sure what to call GRT #42. A piece of pipe?

But it's not giant, so we don't have to worry about it.

GRT #43 is a chain, used to control Sinestro. It's barely big enough to qualify as giant, and I'll give it two Star Sapphires.

Green Ring Thing #44 is that old standby, the cage:

These are seldom giant, and this is no exception.

GRT #45 is really quite cool, a replica of a Green Lantern Ring:

In the story, the Power Ring had slipped through a hole in Hal's pocket and was found by the kid, who willed the ring to return to GL when he was in the middle of a battle with some crooks. Hence his willingness to give the youngster a replica. Unfortunately not giant.

GL #12 features the long awaited appearance of the Green Boxing Gloves:

Not giant, but I am pleased to learn that Green Boxing Gloves do have a basis in fact.

This series was inspired by similar series at the Comic Treadmill.

Running Tally:

Giant Green Net: 2
Giant Green Bird: 1
Giant Green Springs: 1
Giant Green Test Tube: 1
Giant Green Ice Tongs: 1
Giant Green Hand(s): 5
Giant Green Lock Wrench: 1
Giant Green Umbrella: 1
Giant Green Chiller Diller Menace: 1
Giant Green Stethoscope: 1
Giant Green Old-Fashioned Shopping Bag: 1
Giant Green Broom: 1
Giant Green Shield: 1
Giant Green Chemistry Retort: 1
Giant Green Test Tube Holder: 1
Giant Green Fist: 1