Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Walkabout

Bill Jourdain has a terrific post on a very significant Silver Age Batman story, and how it was swiped from a Golden Age Robin tale. Great find, Bill!

Jacque Nodell covers hippie love at a rock concert. In the comics, and promises a whole bunch of Woodstock romance stories in August for the 40th (gulp!) anniversary of that festival. I was a 14-year-old kid heading up with my parents to my aunt's house on the lake that summer and we got caught in the famous traffic jam that shut down the NY State Thruway (fortunately we got out of it reasonably quickly).

While we're on the subject of romance, here are 66 types of men that women should avoid, by John Glenn Taylor. This post starts out good and gets better and better. Very funny and a terrific job!

Mark Engblom has another of his terrific themed puzzles, this time about fire-oriented superheroes. Gotta act on this one quick, though because today's the final day to submit answers. I know that #2 is Fire Boy (from the Substitute Legion) and #23 is Sun Boy, but I'd really need to Google hard to find the rest. I think #16 was that Japanese guy that was in X-Men, but you can see how pathetic I am about comics past 1977 or so.

I have had Ramon Villalobos on my blogroll for awhile, and discovered that he's gone the podcast route. They've got some issues to work out with the relative volumes of the two guys doing the show, but it was interesting to hear them discuss the new Wednesday Comics. Also check out some examples of Ramon's art; it's quite obvious he's lying when he says he's "an incompetent artist."