Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Around the Comics 'Sphere

Bill Jourdain has two terrific podcasts up on his site. In the first, he gives the history of Crimebuster, a golden age boy hero. I confess, I did not know much about CB, but when Bill described his origin story I was blown away. And thanks to the miracle of copyrights actually expiring, you can read the origin story online by downloading the CBR file from the Golden Age Comics site. It's arguably a better origin than that of Batman, which I still rate as the gold standard. Bill also has a podcast up of his adventures at the Baltimore ComicCon, including some interesting moments with Don Rosa, the creator of the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. As you all know, I'm a Silver Age fan, but I heartily agree with Bill that the L&T of SMcD is among the greatest comics series ever published.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Superman Fan's blog? Almost better than surfing over there every day is surfing over there every week and seeing all those new awesome posts. But surf over there every day and get a jump on me! I love this post on the bipolar Superman, and this one on Jimmy Olsen, movie director and this one on the Ghost of Jor-El. Great blogging!

If you haven't been checking out Jacque's posts on Marc on the Man's Side, you have missed quite some entertainment. Apparently DC hired/created this hilariously sexist advice columnist around 1971, whose general admonition to women can be summed up this way: "Be glad a man's taking you out to dinner, and don't gripe that it's McDonalds." Very entertaining!

How to Get a Job, circa 1969, and Will Eisner.

Discussion of the Comics Code Authority at Speed Force.