Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogroll Stuff

I trimmed quite a few blogs today; mostly for non-posting, but a few for non-linking. I'm happy to link other comics-related blogs, but I do ask two things: Link to me and let me know you want a link other than the generic "Great blog, I have bookmarked," crap that I see all the time from spammers. I am happy to link to actual comics bloggers, but not to Filipino Brides For Sale, etc.

I apologize again for not enabling the followers thing; I would prefer to have it on, but Blogger wants to redo my entire site in order to enable it, and I suspect I would lose the comments on all my old posts. I try to link to everybody that comments, but even there I find that often they have not bothered to link me. So I let it go for 6 months and they still haven't bothered linking. Sorry that's page rank bleed, Google it. This blog has a big page rank and I'm not giving that away to people who can't toss me a reciprocal link.

If you're still on my blogroll, don't sweat this. You're posting and you've linked back. That's all I ask. If you're suddenly not seeing my incoming link, ask yourself why and fix it then let me know. I try to be generous with my outgoing links while maintaining the focus on the Silver Age.

Update: Go check out Silver Age Gold, the first new blog on my blogroll resulting from this post. Aaron's got a good sense of humor and sincerely loves comics from the same era as I do. I love his explanation for why he blogs about the Silver Age; it mirrors my thoughts exactly!

Update II: The former Fortress Keeper has started a new blog, called The Time Bullet. It's definitely worth checking regularly. I love his post on Batman's memorable first punch. "A fitting end for his kind!"