Thursday, October 15, 2009

Comics Trivia #34: Answers

What do they have in common?

1. The Silver Age Green Lantern and the Golden Age Flash?

Both battled Star Sapphire.

2. The JSA and the Frightful Four?

Both included a member named the Sandman.

3. The Doom Patrol and the X-Men? (not that they were led by men in wheelchairs)

Both fought the Brotherhood of Evil (actually the X-Men faced the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants).

4. Sea Devils and the Fantastic Four?

Both had the same core team: Smart man, strong man, woman, teenager.

5. Whitey Ford and Frank Sinatra? (Yeah, it's off-topic, but it's one of my favorite trivia bits.

Both were called "Chairman of the Board."

Jim was on the mark with #4, then later added #2 and #3. Lito S. was the first to get #1, and also got #2. Ed O'Toole definitely got #4 and gave some good alternative answers to #3, but I really wanted the Brotherhood bit. Mark popped in with the correct answer to #5, so once again I fail to stump the gallery. Great job all!