Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trivia Quiz #38: Jor-El

These should be fairly tough:

1. Which of Jor-El's official duties did he hate?

2. When the young Jor-El was cramming for his exams, what trick did he use to maximize his study time?

3. What invention of Jor-El's led to him being elected to the Science Council?

4. Jor-El was stuck in the Phantom Zone twice when the projector failed to bring him back. What two people repaired the projector on those separate occasions?

5. When Jor-El first got married, where did he work?


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are tough. I'm guessing some of the answers might be in "Superman's Other Life" and "Superman's Return to Krypton." I'll have to get out those issues and see.


Anonymous said...
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David said...

1. I'm guessing he hated the job of sending criminals into the Phantom Zone, humane though it was.

2. Jolt and Benzedrine.

3. Trick question. Two inventions, patented the same day, got him into the Council: The Clapper and the Pocket Fisherman.

4. Lara and Jax-Ur. Okay, I'm guessing, but the first is logical and the second is ironic, and Mort loved his irony.

5. Papa John's.

I think I aced this one.

Blaze said...


2) Utilizing the spiffo Time Stretch Globe, making one hour into ten.


4) The first was a temporarily reformed Lex Luthor.

5) Jor-El's day job as a newly wed was at missile base.

But that's all I got. Those are tough questions, requiring actual finding and reading of the pertinent issues.

生氣 said...
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michael rebain said...

Lots of guesses from me this time:

1. Sending criminals to the Phantom Zone?

2. Lots of Red Bull?

3.I'll guess the Phantom Zone Projector, but it's probably something else.

4.Lara? Not a clue who else.

5. Kryptonopolis Spaceport?

Pat said...

David gets part of #4. Blaze gets the other part of #4 plus 2 and 5. Michael Rebain gets #3 plus part of #4.

David said...

I'm astonished I got even part of one question correct!

One question, though: if Jor-El has a "Time Stretch Globe," why doesn't he use it to buy the time needed to build a larger escape rocket?