Friday, October 01, 2010

Before They Were Marvels

Reader Jeff Daugherty of Princeton, Kentucky, notes that many of the famed Silver Age characters from the House of Ideas debuted on the covers of Atlas Comics (Marvel's forerunner):

Jeff writes that he's been collecting comics since the mid-1960s. Great post!


ChristopherH said...

Wow ... I have to say that Strange Tales #79 looks so much like Fantastic Four #1 it's uncanny ... no it's FANTASTIC! ;)

Great post!

Jared - Blog into Mystery said...

You know, I've always seen these listed in the price guides with the "prototype" moniker, but I don't know that I've ever actually taken the time to look up the covers. Thanks for posting them.

Mondo said...

And Tales 13 looks like a proto Iron Man suit..

Scott said...

The Tales of Suspense Elektro has more in common with the Golden Age robot Electro than with the Spider-Man villain, so in this case it is recycling rather than presaging anything.