Monday, October 25, 2010

Trivia Quiz #41: What Do They Have In Common?

1. Stone Boy, the Blob and Metamorpho?

2. Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow?

3. Tommy Tomorrow, Congo Bill and the Legion of Super-Heroes?

4. Jimmy Olsen, Robin and Alfred?

5. The Joker, the Blue Bowman and the Clock?


Anonymous said...

1. They all turned down invitations to join a super-hero team.

2. They all used caves as headquarters.

3. They all appeared as back-up features in Action Comics.

4. They all knew that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

5. They all had a second criminal identity. (The Joker was the Red Mask, the Blue Bowman was the Signalman.)

-- Jim

MichaelRbn said...

1. All turned down offers to join teams (the Legion, the X-Mwn and the JLA).

2. All at one time were back up features in World's Finest Comics.

3. All at one time were backup features in Action Comics.

4. All know Batman's secret identigy.

Ed said...

1. Same initials? R.M.

2.Each had a cave all his own.

3.All appeared in Action Comics at one time.

4. All filled in as Batman?

5. All fought Robin in Star Spangled Comics?