Friday, April 08, 2011

How Superboy Makes a Dress

I've been reading a bit of the Golden Age Superboy and came across these two rather amusing examples. In both cases, a gal's dress has been spoiled just prior to an important date. Here's Superboy taking care of Lana Lang, from Adventure #168:

And here he is doing a similar number for Smallville's "Cinderella":

The latter pic is from Adventure #160, which features a bit of terrific characterization for Clark, as he nobly volunteers to take a "homely" girl named Alice Norris to a big dance. Of course, as is cliche in such stories, once Alice removes her glasses and lets her hair down, she turns into a beauty.


Anonymous said...

Milk and cherries? I wonder what the shelf life of that dress was.

Jacque Nodell said...

Oh Superman! Always lookin' out for the ladies! It looks like in that second example there is a dress form, which would have come in handy!