Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Letter from Yoe

I happened to be browsing through Adventures into the Unknown #174 (the last issue of that terrific title) today and found a letter from Craig Yoe:

I tend to agree with Craig; the earlier issues of Adventures Into the Unknown were a little too reliant on the supposed shock value of vampires and werewolves. It's interesting to see that (editor and chief writer) Richard Hughes admits to publishing a few stinkers.


Jeremy A. Patterson said...

That coming from the Yoe that did a great collection of Briefer Frankenstein stories, a subpar collection of Jetta, and several bad Archie collections!


Booksteve said...

@Jeremy--How can one do a subpar collection of JETTA when there's only so much JETTA and the book reprints it all?

Also--what "bad Archie collections" are you referring to as Yoe's MADHOUSE reprint isn't even out yet and that's his only Archie collection. Other than that there's just the big ARCHIE history which literally just hit comic shops this past Wednesday and is getting rave reviews.

Just curious.