Monday, April 25, 2011

Super-Swipe #8: The New Parents

Here's another one that's pretty easy to spot:

In both stories, a trouble-maker has advised juvenile court that Superboy is without parents. In both cases, Superboy tells the judge that he does have parents but he cannot reveal them without jeopardizing their safety. The judge is all set to send the Lad of Steel to a state home for boys, but fortunately for the town, there is a way out:

In both cases, the adopting couple intend to use Superboy to get rich, although not in the same way. In Adventure #176, Mr Smirt wants his new son to advertise a sale at his store (which competes with Pa Kent's). In Adventure #281, the Hurds intend to turn their residence into Superboy Land:

Superboy gets his newly adoptive parents to regret choosing him in similar ways:


And in both stories, the judge comes to a sensible decision when Superboy points out that there is no proof he's a minor:

I find it interesting that in the reprise, it's a committee of local citizens who claim Superboy is an adult. Perhaps this is because of Weisinger's insistence that Superboy never tells a lie?

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