Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friday Trivia Quiz #19 Answers

1. What was the name of Jimmy Olsen's helicopter?

His distinctive red helicopter was called the Flying Newsroom.

2. What was the secret identity of the Batman of the Future?

There are two acceptable answers: Brane Taylor and Bron Wayn E7705. Brane Taylor appeared in two separate Batman stories of the 1950s, while Bron Wayn popped up in a World's Finest issue in the 1960s.

3. What substance was the weakness of the Superman of 2965?


4. What Superman villain was based on the Golden Age Captain Marvel?

Zha-Vam was clearly inspired by Captain Marvel.

5. Who was Wonder-Man (DC 1960s version)?

Wonder-Man was one of Superman's robots, originally named Ajax.

Dan and Michael Rebain got them all right, although Dan only gets half credit for #3, which is indeed seawater (i.e., brine), not just plain H2O. cmn gets the first credit for that question, as saltwater is close enough. Michael P gets first credit for #1, while Chris Johnson was the first to come up with #2.