Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Other Voices, Other Blogs

Mark Engblom is looking for further information on a very cool Revell models giveaway: A complete Gemini space capsule. In the comments I speculated that it was made of that favorite substance of comic book advertisers of the 1960s: 200-lb fiberboard (aka cardboard).

Update: Looks like I was wrong:

As it happens, somebody over at Boing-Boing found the famed 200-lb fiberboard submarine which was advertised endlessly in Silver Age Comics. It actually looks pretty cool, but at $6.98 in 1967 dollars (when comic books were 12 cents) it seems a tad pricey.

Booksteve's Library points out a connection between the THUNDER Agent Dynamo, and Stan (the Man) Lee.

Bill Jourdain has an excellent post on Real Fact Comics #5, a GA comic featuring the "true" story about the creation of Batman by Bob Kane. It pains me to admit this but I used to defend Kane, but reading Dial B for Blog's tremendous post on the artwork swipes used to create Detective #27, and Kane's letter to Batmania in 1965 where he (falsely) claimed to be still drawing 90% of the Batman stories finally convinced me that he's indefensible.

Speaking of Batman, my buddy Chris at I Believe In Batmite has a good post on Batman #116's The Winged Bat-People, one of the many "other dimension" stories from the Silver Age DC.

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