Friday, January 02, 2009

Worst Covers of the Silver Age: Justice League of America #25

Wow. There's a lot not to like there, starting with the obvious. What the heck is going on? It almost looks like Mike Sekowsky forgot to draw most of the Flash. Superman's head was clearly redrawn (probably by Superman's regular artist, Curt Swan), but the effort leaves him with an undersized head and a very long neck. The Flash's cabeza looks like it was pasted on to his shoulders without the benefit of a neck.

Looking at the story inside, the Flash was disappearing and Superman and Green Lantern are at least trying to save him. But what does the Atom think he's doing running up the Scarlet Speedster's arm? And Wonder Woman, while well-drawn, isn't going to help things much with her magic lasso; assuming she does get it around the Flash's head isn't she more like to choke him to death?