Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great Posts on Other Blogs

Our buddy Chris is dedicating the entire month of March to the Bat-Mite canon. Bat-Mite is one of the characters that disappeared with the New Look Batman of 1964, but he was a fairly regular character, and was introduced in the 20th anniversary issue of Batman's first appearance in Detective Comics.

While we're on the subject of Batman, go check out Building Batman, the most unique concept I have ever seen for a blog. "Bruce" is training himself in the various Batman skills, from boomerangs to lock-picking to knot-tying. If you always dreamed of being Batman, this guy is living the dream!

Sticking with the Batman theme, the Comic Treadmill has another one of his "Prop Star" posts about the giant props that Bill Finger used to feature in his Batman stories. It's an interesting and different way to look at the Silver Age Batman.

Bill Jourdain has a long and informative post on the first year of Batman. As you probably know, Batman is approaching his 70th anniversary either on April 18th (the date Detective #27 went on sale), or in May (the cover date of that issue).

Highly recommended for inside dope is Funny Book Fanatic, the blog of Dave Olbrich, the former publisher of Malibu Comics. I know, their output was minimal in the Silver Age (probably because they didn't start until 1986, the slackers), but Dave's not just interested in the modern stuff and he's got some interesting tales about the inner workings of the biz as well as trivia quizzes and the like. Hat Tip to the Groovy Agent for pointing me to Dave's blog.

Comics of Rhodey has a reminiscence of his own history with comic books.

I pretty much ceased purchases after college as marriage soon beckoned. During my second year of teaching (the early 1990s), my wife told me she wanted me to get rid of some of those boxes of comics I had lying around.

Nicholas Cage had something similar happen to him as I recall. ;)