Monday, March 02, 2009

Trivia Quiz #20 Answers

1. (Easy) True or False: Bruce Wayne was a star athlete in his college days.


Back then they hadn't thought about him hiding his interest in crime.

2. (Moderate) Within 2 years, how old was Lois Lane supposed to be in the comics when Lois Lane #1 debuted?

This one surprised me when I saw it, which is why I thought it would make a good trivia question:

There are two conflicting goals here. On the one hand, the comics publishers want young characters for their readers to identify with. On the other, they want accomplished people in their field. It is hard to imagine a 22-year-old woman as the star reporter for a major metropolitan daily; it is far more likely she'd be doing feature articles on local screwballs.

3. (Tough) Name two Superman villains in the Silver Age of comics who obtained their power from green kryptonite.

The ones I had thought of were Metallo and the Annihilator, but Michael Rebain also points out the Kryptonite Kid, which is correct as well.

4. (Really Tough) What woman did Batman rename the Batplane after?

But it was all a plot to fool some crooks.

5. (Tough For Some) During the Adventure Comics run of the Legion of Superheroes, what two LSH members were cross-dressers?

Chameleon Boy (shown here after changing):

And Lightning Lass (later Light Lass) who was impersonating her brother, Lightning Lad. This trivia question was suggested by the Comic Treadmill in a post last week.

Michael Rebain got #1, #3 and #5 right.