Monday, March 30, 2009

Meme Machine

Ol' Groove hit me with the meme stick.

The Rules
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3) Write six random things about yourself.
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Some not-so random things:

1. The earliest comic memory I have is of a Baby Huey story where his dad's trying to fill in a crossword puzzle and can't figure out a 16-letter word for "a ringing in the ears". Baby Huey suggests tintinnabulation, which of course is the answer. I can't remember anything more about it, but I have been checking every Baby Huey issue posted for years trying to find it.

2. Another missing comic book memory is of a Fox and Crow story where the Crow puts his dirty mitts on an envelope addressed to the Fox and the latter becomes convinced it is a "black hand letter". None of the adults I showed the comic book to then had a clue what that meant.

3. My favorite comic book character is Batman and my second favorite is the Spirit, while Spiderman comes in third. My favorite character of all time in any medium is Sherlock Holmes.

4. I have listened to almost every available episode of the Superman radio series. It was interesting to realize that the whole rationale behind the "Up, Up, and Away" bit was because they needed a way to tell the kids that Superman was flying off. At the end of his flights he'd often say, "Down, Down," as well, although of course that's not nearly as famous.

5. My favorite baseball team is the Detroit Tigers. Growing up outside of New York, I rooted avidly for the Mets, but when I started watching baseball on TV (1963) the Mets were terrible and so I decided I had to have a team in the American League as well. I picked the Tigers because I liked the animal, the tiger.

6. Almost anything I do I can do well right out of the chute, but I have a frustrating inability to progress much from that level despite significant effort on my part. I broke 100 very quickly in golf; it took me years to break 90.

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